Software programming and Coding

We offer desktop and web applications development. GUI (Graphical User Interface) development. Script development and hardware coding in various languages.


We use script coding in Python in several of our projects. We have good knowledge in Python scripting in combination with database setup and sensor technology.

SQL Database, planning and setup

To store the data from your web page, sensors and systems it is good to connect this to a reliable database. You can store the database values on a connected server or in the Cloud, using Google, Amazon, Microsoft and other database storage suppliers.

Embedded programming

Programming of processors, microcontrollers and electronic circuits often requires embedded programming skills. We use embedded programming mostly in C. The code are translated to an executable file and programmed in the circuits.

Production of The PCB

Tencec electronics can arrange the production of the PBCs for use in prototyping, small scale production or full scale production. The cost of producing a small amount of PCBs for prototyping is very reasonably priced, and gives your design a professional look and is a good starter a professional product development.